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Beauty LED Mask

Beauty LED Mask

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Beauty LED Mask has "357" light sources to improve skin brightness and elasticity.


There are three types of "red light", "blue light" and "orange light".

The LEDs installed in Beauty LED Mask improve the brightness and elasticity of the skin. Please be assured that the eyes are not covered so as not to damage the eyes. This product uses an LED light, so it is gentle on the skin and has no side effects, so you can use it with confidence.

▼ red light

Red light has a cell-activating effect and reduces wrinkles by promoting collagen production. At the same time, it promotes blood circulation, making the skin brighter and more elastic.

▼ Blue light

Blue light has the effect of tightening the pores and adjusting the oil balance. By stimulating the epidermis layer, it repairs and improves skin with acne, blackheads, and stratum corneum.

▼ Orange light

By improving skin aging, scars, skin darkening, etc., it promotes the absorption of moisture and beauty essence, improves skin elasticity and promotes collagen production.

Is it possible to ship outside of Japan?

We can deliver not only to Japan but also to the world.
We can deliver our production to wherever you are in the world.
You can choose to purchase from a substitute or directly from Japan.

Is it possible to use it with a face pack?

Of course it is possible.

A higher effect can be expected by using this product in combination with a face pack.

See here for details.

Please tell me about the payment method.

We offer many payment methods such as VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB, Alipay, and PayPal.

What color variations do you have?

There are two colors.

Beauty LED Mask is white,

The LED Venus Mask is available in black.

About after-sales service

・After-sales service: Free warranty for one year from purchase
Repair fee for 1 to 3 years from purchase is 7,800 yen Repair fee after 3 years from purchase is 15,600 yen

・Return Policy: We accept unconditional returns within 2 weeks of purchase.

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High purity LED bulb

The higher the purity of the color, the higher the effect, and the higher the performance of the bulb, the higher the stability. The color purity of this product is as high as 99.3% or higher. Light with low purity not only has no skin beautifying effect, but may also damage the skin.

Near-infrared light that reaches the dermis layer

The near-infrared light emitted by this product reaches deeper into the dermis layer of the skin than normal red light, improving skin tone and improving fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves pigmentation and smoothes rough skin.

Equipped with 357 LED lights

119 LED lights in each color of red, blue, and orange cover the skin with light energy from a total of 357 densely packed bulbs.


The photos and data below are the results of an experiment conducted by a dermatologist on skin changes after using a facial mask for 28 days.

Photos and data below

After 28 days of use of a facial mask by a dermatologist

This is the result of the skin change experiment.

Reduces roughness and smoothes skin. Black spots represent rough skin. It is less sparse and has less redness.
Reduce inflammation and keep your skin healthy. Red spots represent inflammation or damage to the skin. Less redness means healthier skin and better permeability.
It balances the moisture and oil content of the skin. Yellow dots are oil and metabolites in hair follicles. Reducing these means less sebum secretion and less acne.
Choose from 3 modes depending on your skin tone
Red light mode - 640nm
Smooth skin with 20 minutes of irradiation
Increase skin elasticity. It also promotes the absorption of serum.
Orange light mode - 583nm
20 minutes of irradiation improves makeup application
Hydrate your skin. Effective in improving wrinkles and sagging.
Blue light mode - 423nm
20 minutes of irradiation tightens pores
Correction of skin oil balance. Reduce acne.

By using 3 modes properly

One device can solve many skin problems